The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Brand Positioning

Everyone has different opinions on branding and rebranding: how to do it, how not to do it, how frequently to do it, whether or not it’s important, and so on. Here at Element Six, we highly encourage our clients to start out with a strong foundational strategy to ensure that their future advertising and marketing efforts are focused and purposeful. Sometimes we have new clients come to us with collateral or materials that are not rooted in an overall strategy, which ultimately diminishes the impact of their marketing presence. Below, find three of the worst pieces of advice we’ve ever heard regarding brand positioning.

As long as you have personality, positioning isn’t important.

Brand positioning, not personality, is what should drive your brand. While personality is an extremely important facet, if it doesn’t come from a strategic and researched place, it’s just fluff and glitter. How will you know what personality will help to differentiate your brand and pay off your positioning?

Know what you want to be known for and how you want to be perceived.

Your positioning can address everyone.

Positioning is your opportunity to crystallize the single most important thing you want audiences to remember about your brand. You have to choose the one overarching promise that differentiates you from the competition. This demands tough decisions, and by not making a choice you are watering down the potency of your promise.

If you tell someone everything, they’ll remember nothing.

You can change your positioning as frequently as you want.

Defining and enforcing a clear position avoids arbitrary and unfocused marketing efforts that can confuse your audience. If you’re constantly changing your story or your employees don’t know the story, you’ll miss opportunities to build brand recognition. Although it’s important to keep your brand fresh and alive, if your company’s position in the market is unclear, you won’t know what boundary’s to break or which to keep when it comes to reaching your ideal customers/clients.

Avoid random deviation to avoid brand confusion.

Element Six has a thoughtful and methodical approach to branding. We know that it can be difficult and confusing to commit to a single positioning statement, and that’s why we function as guides and consultants for our clients to help you craft this.

We’ll help ensure your brand’s positioning is unique, relevant, defendable and sustainable.

A strong strategic foundation will drive your personality, differentiate you from competitors, and help you to maintain your brand equity while keeping things fresh.